Financial Planning

Financial planning combines a number of disciplines. Cardinal Retirement Planning helps coordinate the duties and responsibilities of lawyers, accountants and your insurance agents to better serve you and your estate.

  • Morningstar® Reports: independent analysis of your portfolio’s risk/return, asset allocation, diversification and a fee report.
  • Retirement Income Plan: using dividends and other distributions to create a reliable stream of income throughout retirement.
  • IRS Distribution Plan: stay compliant with the IRS rules regarding qualified plans (401(k)s, IRAs, etc).
  • Probate Avoidance and Beneficiary Review: help your surviving family access your accounts and investments.
  • Advanced strategies: Roth conversions, net-unrealized appreciation analysis and legacy-gifting strategies.


Hiring Cardinal to create a written financial plan will help you during retirement.

  • Compare your benefits against the Medicare and Medicare Advantage health insurance system.
  • Understand how Social Security can affect you and your spouse throughout retirement.
  • Plan for medical and long-term care expenses while securing a reliable income.
  • Align your investments to your personal risk tolerance and estate needs.


Learn about our process by contacting Doug, Tom, or Hans.