Financial Planning & Investment Management

Combining research-based investment strategies and household-level tax planning

Stockbrokers are held to a lower standard of care than fiduciaries

Investment advisors are fiduciaries and are regulated by states or the SEC

Tax & financial planning services are not offered by every advisor, and quality can vary substantially

Cardinal Retirement Planning, Inc. provides tax-sensitive investment manangement and financial planning

Financial Planning ≠ Investment Management

Investment management is just one part of financial planning. Oftentimes clients connect financial planning and investment management as one in the same. This is not the case. Financial planning is a specialized service that is takes into account your goals & values in order to create a customized strategy that includes tax planning, investment management, estate & insurance planning.

Investment management services are generally restricted to the account being managed; details like household tax-efficiency and goals can be lost in translation. Taxes on dividends, interest, and capital gains affect clients differently. Does your investment advisor really provide financial planning services?

A holistic plan should take into account your whole household and net worth, working to identify the best strategy that helps you meet your goals. A one-size-fits-all model portfolio approach can miss the details. Cardinal’s services include both financial planning and investment management. Our advisors work to tailor our investment strategy to fit into your financial plan, not the other way around.

Built Portfolios

Research-based Investment Models

  • Models designed using quantitative mathematics and financial econometrics
  • Millions of simulated pathways with historical data back to 1900
  • Thousands of robust models screened and matched by PhDs and Certified Financial Planners™
  • Create a customized blend of core, dividend, international, or ESG portfolios

Make a Retirement Paycheck

Tax Planning

How do you want to take your income in retirement?